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Lose Weight in 10 Minutes

Did you know that most people would lose weight if they would cut out their worst 10 minutes of eating each day?  Is it true?  Can you really lose weight in 10 minutes?


It only takes 10 minutes to eat 500 calories or more of refined carbs.


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You can eat perfect all day and then hit a low point where you just feel like eating a comfort food and wham! Your diet is blown.


Do you have a worst 10 minutes of the day for eating?
Do you gobble down a burger and fries in the car?
Is cereal before bed your downfall?
Do you head for the junk food drawer as soon as you come home?


Just having this ah-ha moment could be enough for some of you to break the habit and this one shift alone could help you drop 4 to 5 pounds by next month without changing anything else.


For others you might need to give your body some assistance to curb those cravings.  A meal replacement will help do that along with other benefits like more energy.  Get in touch with your [imwb_cgt_cityName], [imwb_cgt_regionName] team member for more information and to get started.


Sometimes you just have to dare to risk public criticism!

I have made it my goal to help the Mobile DJ and Event Industry lose 1,000 pounds, including myself!
Several people have commented saying, “You don’t look like I need to lose weight”. Now, while I want to believe that most of the people who said that were only being nice, the fact of the matter is that I have worked hard for several years now trying to hide the truth about my weight.
Knowing that 40 is only a few years around the corner I have come to realize that if I don’t do something about my health and weight I will not be around to enjoy seeing my children get married or holding a grandchild in my arms. I won’t be able to live out the “golden years” I work so hard on now to have.
The first step is to overcome the fear of public criticism and admit I have a problem that needs to be fixed. I have decided to put together series of radical advertisements in hopes to accomplish 2 things:
1. To expose my weight issues to the world in a tactful and respectful way so that others will see that I truly do have some issues to work on. I do not in anyway want to offend anyone and will not say something about another person that I can’t say about myself.
2. To be a leader to others who may be in my very same position I am in and feel like they are alone.
The truth is you are not alone. 1 out of every 3 Mobile DJs is overweight or obese. The statistics are not too much better in the Event Industry as a whole. I hope that by taking the first step others will join me so that we can support and encourage one another to achieve our individual and collective goals together. Just by adding two or three people to your challenge will help you be accountable and increases your odds of success beyond belief.
I want to thank those who have already joined me and welcome any others that would like to be a part of the team. I can promise respect, love and support to every member of this team. Failure will not be an option and we will have a blast together!
Are you ready to join us?
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