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E-Book Giveaway

It is more important than ever to create your own economy. Entrepreneurship allows you to start a business in an area you love, work at your own pace and build a future for yourself and your family.   Network Marketing is a great option to get started with. Typically the upfront cost is more manageable, you can work part time from home and with the right training you can create an unlimited income. This e-book giveaway helps you understand the foundation of the network marketing industry, the different types of compensation plans and some pitfalls to avoid.  Download your copy today.

Free Stuff

Downloads… compliments of me and my partners at Neworld Coaching!

Simply click on the title of any of these informational products and they will open for you to instantly download! ~enjoy!

  • 30 Second Verbal Commercial: Do you have a great way to explain exactly what you “do”? Using this form, you will be able to create an amazing elevator pitch that will keep anyone interested in what YOU have to say!
  • 3-5-7 Follow Up System: Try using the Neworld method for follow up from Networking events and other functions!
  • The “Days” System: discover how Neworld organizes their day to day activities…
  • Neworld’s Jar System: Are you saving for a rainy day? Do you have income that is making you “Passive Income”? Try this simple system!
  • 50 Shameless Promotional Ideas for your Business!: “No Cost/Low Cost” promotional Ideas! I bet you will say… “Why didn’t I think of that!”
  • Video Directory List: A list for you to upload and access amazing videos
  • Article Directory List: This is where you can submit all of your well written articles!
  • Yearly Self-Assessment: A workbook to help you take a look back and plan ahead!
  • Check back for more “free stuff” frequently, we are always adding more content to help you! Let us know what you think of this list. Contact Me


Low Cost Tools & Opportunities


22 social

Click Here for 22 Social

22 Social is an amazing product that helps you turn “Likes” into “Leads and Sales”.  Finally an easy to use Fan Page App turns your Likes into Real Leads, so you can drive sales for your business.  Also, broadcast and simulcast a Google Hangout webinar, training, etc. directly from your Facebook Page.!!!