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Residual Income

Residual income means the income received from time to time for something you did in the past.  This also means income from work done by other people under you in a network.
This is general related to network marketing and Multi Level Marketing. All the companies use this term to market their concept to the people.   Residual income increases with time and effort.  It gets manifold over time as the number of people in a network increases.
There are various opportunities available. Some of them are residual income from books written, from acting, from property, from real estate, saving and investment programs etc.  Associate programs are also a way to get it.  Affiliate and reselling associates are the same residual income opportunities.
Residual income varies depending on the company and the number of people in the line. Various companies offer various percentage of residual income to its members. Some offer a small percentage and some offer very good income opportunities to its members.
It will be there for your whole life if you work hard.   It is better than the linear income, because linear income comes once for hard work, but residual income keeps coming in the future.  It is best if you have exclusive right over the residual income you are getting. You should be able to control the income you are getting.
When you get some people under you in the network, then your income increases. You can earn income for the purchase of the products yourself.  You will also get share of the income others do under you in a network.  So your residual income increases three ways: one, it is directly related to you, second the other is the income from sign ups by the people under you, and third, one is related to the income or purchase by the members under you.
As your network business grows slowly, you have to put less hard work and effort. You will gain from your work as well as from work of others who will be helping you increase your residual income by their efforts.
Choose a network marketing program that offers good opportunity for its members. Look for a long term association. In the long term, you will be benefited by the income from those programs.
To make more residual income, you have to grow your business. For growing your network business, you have to promote it. Continuous effort and promotion will help you in getting a better position in the business. You will have to attract more and more people, you have to show them proof of what you say, show them the income potential from the business, and then they will think of joining you. You have to think for a long term while doing this business.  Long term techniques you better over short term tactics.
Build a team to earn more residual income. This is one type of cooperative marketing. When you cooperate and get cooperation from others, you make more residual money. Become a team leader and lead the team for better growth.

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