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10 Reasons to Lose 10 Pounds

By entering Project 10 you not only have the opportunity to win $1,000 every week and receive an ‘i LOST it’ t-shirt, but most importantly you have the opportunity to better your life and overall health. Here are 10 reasons to lose 10 pounds on the Body by Vi Challenge.

  1. 1. BETTER SLEEP – Losing 10 lbs. can widen your windpipe so you won’t snore like a lawnmower
  2. 2. BETTER SEX – Losing weight can spice up your sex life big time! Erectile Dysfunction is literally a downer—and it’s a problem for 80% of overweight/obese men. YES, 80%!
  3. 3. MORE SELF CONFIDENCE – Just wait ‘til you see what happens when you start loving what’s in the mirror
  4. 4. MORE ENERGY – When your body is healthy, it radiates energy. Imagine how happy your kids would be to play with you longer!
  5. 5. BETTER MOOD – When you’re happier with yourself, you’re happier with life. And wouldn’t that make your Significant Other happy!?
  6. 6. HEALTH – Losing weight reduces your risk of life-threatening illnesses such as diabetes
  7. 7. AGILITY – You’ll improve your mobility when you drop weight, putting less pressure on your joints and making it easier to exercise. I know you want less pain every day!
  8. 8. BRAIN – Tests have shown that overweight people score lower on memory tests. Don’t you want to remember stuff?
  9. 9. PREGNANCY – Excess weight can alter hormones making it difficult for women to get pregnant
  10. 10. MONEY – Research has shown that people who weigh more earn up to $10,000 less per year than their co-workers. Super unfair – If you’re earning $10K less, let it be because you’re not that great at your job!

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