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Achieve Your Goals For Success Step By Step

You have a dream! Now, how do you make it happen?
First, imagine that it is real. See every detail so clearly that you can reach out and touch it. You can feel the emotions of being there. For example if you want a certain car, then what kind is it? What color is it? Imagine you are sitting in it like you will when it is brand new. How does it feel How does it smell? Go for a drive in your car. If it’s a convertible, drive with the top down! Experience the wind blowing in your face and through your hair. Hear the sounds around you. If you can take a real test drive in one, do that! Get a picture and post it where you will see it each day. Do this visualization several times a day until it becomes part of you. This action is important because your subconscious will help enable you to reach your dream and to achieve your goals.
Next, break the big dream down into specific, measurable goals to get you there. If you are dreaming of something that costs a certain amount of money, like the car, you will set a date on when you want to have this money.
Once you have your date, then break your timeline down into segments. Perhaps you set the date one year from today. So the next step is to break that down into a goal for each month, then a goal for each week, then a goal for each day. It may be easier to start with the days, and then multiply out to the weeks and months.
Now that you know what your specific timeline is, you need to determine the specific actions you can take to reach each specific goal. If it is a money goal, like in the example above, you know how much money you need to put away each day. So now you need to figure out what actions you need to take each day in order to be able to do that.
If your goal is accomplishing a project, your timeline will be broken down into different steps you need to finish in order to get the whole project done. For example, if you are writing a book, you may need to do some research before you can write it. So the first major accomplishment on your way to that goal is to complete the research. Then you need to set a time to complete your basic outline. Then a time to complete each chapter. Then a time for editing. You can break each major step down into little steps that must be done each day in order to complete the entire book by your target date.
Now that you see what you will need to do each day in order to achieve your big goal, ask yourself if each day’s task is reasonable. Be truthful. If you know you can do what is required each day, then you have your plan. If it will be very difficult to meet each day’s requirement, then extend your timeline until you have something you know you can do every day. This way, you are setting yourself up for sure success!
It’s just like the ancient philosopher said: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” No matter how big your dream is, if you break it down into baby steps that you can do each day, you will find your journey to success filled with the joy of achieving many goals.
Reaching your smaller goals will, indeed, assure you that you are on your way to reaching your dream! You will gain the confidence you need to continue and receive the desire you need to do whatever actions are required each day!
Celebrate achieving even the little goals, and enjoy your journey to your certain success! Use these steps to achieve your goals in all areas of life.

Setting Goals and Achieving Them! Part 1

Let’s start with the foundation of why setting goals is so important in life…
If you think of it from the standpoint of getting into your car and but having nowhere to go. If you didn’t have a job to go to, school to attend or someplace to go, you would just sit there in neutral. There is no forward progress, there is no backward progress, and you would just sit still. The key is to not over complicate it though; your goals are really like a road map, they give you direction or a destination. This allows us to chart out a path to get to that destination. This “road map”, much like in traveling, gives us direction in life and keeps us focused. Without it we run the risk of being totally lost.
I recall hearing about a trainer who did an exercise with two sheet of paper. The trainer said, “Write your goal down on the first sheet of paper.” After writing down their goals, the participants were instructed to crumble it up and throw it. The participants asked, “Where?” The trainer again simply said, “Throw it.” As you can imagine paper was thrown all over the place. Then the trainer asked them to again write their goals on the second sheet and crumble it up. He then walked to the center of the room and placed a trashcan on the floor and said, “Now, put it in that trash can.” People began to get up and really focus on throwing their paper into the trashcan. He even offered a prize for those who made it so some even walked their paper over to the trashcan and dropped it in. The difference between the first and second paper is that with the second paper they had something to focus on, the trashcan. The trashcan, in this example, represents what goal setting is.
You have, hopefully, heard of S.M.A.R.T. goals. If not, you should for sure study up on them and the importance of this acronym. I will give you the basics here:
S – (Specific) You have to be specific about your goal. It needs be definable. Nothing is dynamic until it becomes specific. It is important to understand the difference between a “dream” and a “goal” here. For example, to say, “I wan to make a lot of money” is a great dream but not a goal. To say, “I want to make $500,000 this year” is a specific goal.
M – (Measurable) You have to have a way to keep score. Imagine a sporting event with no scoreboard? How would you know who is winning the game? The same applies to your goal, if you can’t measure it how will ever know if you have reached it or not?
A – (Attainable) You have to base this one on your own resources and level of commitment. If it requires 35 – 40 hours a week and you are only willing or able to commit 10 – 15 hours, it is not attainable for you.
R – (Realistic) This is the one you have to be careful with. If people set goals that were always “realistic” imagine the lack of advancements we would have in technology and everyday life. You also have to make sure your goals are realistic from the standpoint of the laws of the universe and physics. For example, if it was April and you wanted to move into a million dollar mansion (that you are going to fully customize) in June and you have not even bought the land yet, it is obviously not be physically realistic.
T – (Time) It must be time certain. Without a timestamp it is a dream, not a goal.
Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon….

About David Hanscom

A little about David Hanscom, he has been blessed to be a successful entrepreneur and part of the Entertainment Industry since 1990 and involved in independent business marketing & consulting since 1996.
He says…
I believe in the simple truth, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want” ~ Zig Ziglar.
I enjoy connecting with like-minded individuals from [imwb_cgt_cityName], [imwb_cgt_regionName] and across the country to share my experiences over the years – both good and bad – in the Entertainment Industry, Independent Business Marketing and most importantly, why I never gave up.

What are the keys to success in any business?
Take a moment to look at all of the successful people you know in [imwb_cgt_cityName], [imwb_cgt_regionName]. Regardless of their industry or background, they all share at least 3 common traits. First and foremost, they have a goal, a precise goal, and a vision. Next, they have a plan. They seek out the proper training in their respective fields and someone who can be a mentor to them. Finally, they work their plan because they understand it is an investment in themselves and their futures.
Think about this…The first 40 hours of any workweek of one’s career is strictly for survival. Beyond that, any hours put in are an investment in your future. Some say, “You survive between 9 and 5 and get rich between 7 and 2.”
You know, I sure wish I would have read these same words before I made all the mistakes I have made and spent all that money I have wasted!
After almost going completely broke, it did not take me long to realize that I need to find a better way. If I was going to be successful without having to take out a second mortgage on my home to finance it, I needed proper training and mentoring to avoid future costly mistakes. I needed to align myself with and learn from others who have already achieved the success I sought.
I knew that achieving my goals was possible but I needed help putting together my plan! The problem was where would I find the people who will help me?
Then the words rang in my ear like a beautiful song, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

Finally, A breakthrough…
Things really started to move in the direction I needed to be moving in when I discovered the power of an experienced mentor, someone who has already achieved success in their life, someone who is willing to teach you how to properly create your plan and market your business on the path of success.
My first mentor gave me the SECRET. He taught me to brand MYSELF first and the reason for and value of doing so. Then he taught me about Marketing; marketing on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the list goes on. At first I just figured those places were for kids to chat and share pictures and videos. Then one day I watched one of those videos and it completely opened up my eyes to the power of social networks. You really can find TARGETED leads who are excellent prospects for your business using these platforms. I mean, lets face it, if you’re reading this right now, isn’t this the exact same way our paths crossed? See what I mean? Branding really does work!
My next Mentor showed me how to become a leader and understand the importance of helping others. Not just helping others, but helping others with no ulterior motive and completely from the heart. What really blew me away was he never asked me for a penny to obtain this knowledge!
It is now my mission to do the same, help others who are stuck where I once was. I still continue my daily educational efforts, my plan and my work. I still learn everyday from my mentors and even often times from my personal and professional relationships. It is a simple formula: The more I learn, The more I teach, The more I give, The more I receive.
OK, so who am I anyway and why would you even want to listen to any of this?
Well, I have a wonderful family and we live in beautiful Jacksonville, Florida. My friends will tell you I am carefree, fun loving, rather goofy, and love to make others laugh. They will also tell you I am committed to integrity, an honest day’s work and the success of all that I am blessed to be a part of. I was born in Portsmouth, Virginia and spent most of my life moving around the country (my Father was in the Navy for 30 years). I finally settled in Jacksonville in 1998 and began my quest to Discover my Ultimate Body, Balance and Business. In 2011 I joined the team from Neworld Coaching to help others, maybe even you, do the same!
For a more inside look at my personal and professional lives…
Feel free to drop me a line, add me as a friend on FacebookTwitter and YouTube or you can call me at 904-735-5275.