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10 Things you should Know and Do before you are 40

As I approach my 40th Birthday I started thinking about the things that were important to me.  While it was difficult to do, I was able to pick out a Top 10 Things to Know and Do before you are 40.  These are all simple and practical steps and truthfully can be applicable to any age.  Here we go:
1. Know Yourself – When I say “Know Yourself” I am referring to your strengths and weaknesses.  We all have them and just like fingerprints that vary for each one of us.  Knowing your strengths will help yo to know where to focus your efforts and opportunities to excel.  It will help you achieve your goals and attain personal satisfaction.  On the other hand, knowing your weaknesses can be equally if not more beneficial.  When you know your weakness and even more important, willing to admit your weaknesses, you have a foundation for growth.  You can create a list of areas to spend as much time getting better at as you do on the things that come natural.  You can also evaluate if the weakness is something you should avoid and allow others to accomplish.
2. Settle Your Family Life – This is mostly for the married couples but truthfully can exist with parents, children or any other relatives.  Recognize issues that may exist, things that are lingering and unaddressed.  It is important to get them out in the open and “handled”.  One thing we are not promised in life is time and once someone is gone the opportunity to set things right goes as well, yet the guilt of not doing so can last forever.  Relationships, especially marriages, require constant work and nurturing.
3. Determine Your Priorities – It is said that every seven years we change as people and everything from out tastes, likes & dislikes, ambitions and priorities.  It is vital to keep track of your priorities, write them down and occasionally review them for any changes, additions or subtractions.  This will help you keep focused on what is important and worth giving your time to.
4. Develop Your Philosophy – How do you define your life?  What is your vision for your future? It is critical to know what you believe in, what/who you are willing to die for and what things in your life are optional.  Alexander Hamilton said, “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything”.
5. Get Physically Fit – As we get older and absorbed in our careers, goals, lives, etc. one of the areas we often overlook is our health.  This has become a VITAL area for me over the past few years and a journey that in a short time has taught me more about myself than anything before it.  Remember, don’t give up your “health” in an effort to gain “wealth”.  A strong body leads to a strong mind which leads to a strong future.
6. Learn Your Trade – Always be a student of your trade.  The day you think you cannot learn anything else  about your trade is the day you need to get out of it.  To be most successful at your trade; learn, earn and return.  the biggest key is to remember to give back more than you receive.
7. Pay The Price – Success cannot be accomplished without sacrifice.  You have heard it all, “Nothing in life is easy” “Anything worth having is worth working for” These and similar statements are profound and should not be taken lightly.  Your “ah hah” moment with this one is when you realize and are willing to accept that you may sacrifice and not see success but trust that those who follow will reap the success of your sacrifice.  Some would call it a characteristic of leadership.
8. Develop Solid Relationships – In the day and age of social media the word “friend” has a whole new meaning.  Solid relationships are important because life’s greatest experiences involve people.  I have had some of the best times of my life and created unforgettable memories with the guys I have developed solid relationships with, a brotherhood if you will.  Take a moment and review your social media “friends”.  How many do you have a solid relationship with?
9. Prepare For The Future – By nature we always want the biggest and best.  This is very prevalent in the Event Industry.  Often we are judged by the equipment we carry, the amount of lights we have, how many songs in our library, etc.  While these things are vital to our craft, in the grand scheme of life how important are they?  Consider living life in such a way that you have options later on when you have played that last song.  Consider purchasing the “second best” and saving the difference for retirement.
10. Find Purpose In You Life – True success comes from knowing and executing your purpose in life.  Never stop growing to your maximum potential and continue sewing seeds, even if only others down the line benefit from them.
The first Quarter of 2012 has already come to an end and no matter if you are 40, 20 or 60 do a self evaluation of these 10 things and see where you stand with them.  You may find that you need to work on some and also be right where you need to be with others.
Remember…You’re either Green and Growing or Ripe and Rotting!!!

How will you Push Beyond?

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I enjoy the opportunity to open up and share how my life experiences, challenges, successes and defeats all helped me Push Beyond. I hope to provide you with at least one tip, one suggestion or even just a glimpse of hope to keep moving forward in life! This site will reveal my journey and transformations, both physically and mentally.  It is my goal to help you find a Spirit Strong that will help you Push Beyond!
I have been blessed to be a successful entrepreneur and part of the Entertainment Industry since 1990, not even yet out of High School. My experiences have carried me from one side of the world to the other and allowed me to meet some of the most interesting and wonderful people along the way. While each step has not always been easy, I have found joy and a sense of accomplishment in learning from my trials and tribulations as well as enjoying my successes.
Join me as I continue to seek out unforgettable experiences, opportunities to be significant to others and spend every moment enjoying all life has to offer! My journey may even bring me to your town!

Prosperity…Your Business

Prosperity…your Business!
Prosperity, to me, can be broken down to two things…
First, living the life of your dreams.  Putting yourself in the position financially to do what you want, when you want. It is having financial freedom and, equally important, time freedom.  Secondly, prosperity is not just about living the life of your dreams but being a person of contribution.
When you start to think of what  prosperity and your business can do for you, sometimes you have to look back before you look ahead.  I know when I look back on the journey I have been through and the opportunities to live my dreams I never forget where I started.  I also know there are others out there, maybe even you, who want to have those same life experiences and just need to be placed on the right path to achieve those goals.  True Prosperity allows you to have whatever it is you want to have, you can go wherever it is you want to go, you can do whatever it is you want to do and you can help whoever it is you want to help.  You have to grab ahold of the opportunity though and do something about it!
One of the most exciting things to me is when I can work with, train and coach people who recognize this and take action! They grad ahold of the Prosperity principle and do something about it.  People who are able to create financial and time freedom for themselves through helping people get healthy and transform their lives forever and live their lives of their dreams.  I think of the many parents I have met who were working 2, 3 4 jobs between them to make ends meet who were able to eliminate their extra jobs and begin to enjoy life again.  I think of the people who were thousands of dollars in debt and were, in a short time, able to pay off their debts and not feel like they were drowning any longer.  I think of the single mom who all she wanted to do was make an extra $1,000 a month so she could stay home with her children.  The all made a commitment to the mission of Prosperity and now live the life that they only once dreamed of.  These are true stories of Prosperity!  The best thing is, you have to same opportunities.  You simply have to grab what is right in from of you and get your time back so you can do what you want with who you want, go on the vacations of your dreams and bring your friends along.
…and then I want you to Give Back!
Contribute your time, your energy and your effort, give back your money and make a contribution to someone less fortunate.  During the economic times we live in it sometimes difficult to live like that.  Many times you may even find yourself saying, “I need someone to contribute to me!”  I challenge you though that the greater contribution you can give, even at your darkest days or your lowest points in life the more you receive in return.  I know it is difficult, I see what is happening in the world today.  I receive emails and phone calls from people I have met through the years who are struggling and looking for that encouragement to just make it through the day.  I still say, Give More…give more of yourself now than ever.  I know some will say that is hard to accept but the bottom line is, that is what has to happen.  Somewhere there is someone suffering more than you are and they need you to reach don and pull them up!  the fastest way out of your situation is to reach down and grab a few people to take up with you.  You have to wake up each morning and not think about you and the challenges you are facing and accept a new mission which is taking on the challenges of others.  If you are able to take on the challenges of other, YOU will not have any challenges!  
With true Prosperity you are able to do that. You first must make a decision to make an impact on other peoples lives.
Your decision will forever make an impact on yours!

Life…Find Your Balance

One of my favorite quotes growing up in life is “It is always good to begin with the end in mind.”  We all set goals, we want something more, we want to achieve something more and we have some “end” in mind.  It is great to have goals in mind but as I grow older I have come to realize it is one thing to have an end in mind, and that is important, but it is equally important to enjoy the process along the way.  It is equally important to enjoy the journey along the way!  I think that really defines Life.  While we all have great goals of being successful in our profession or in our health it is important to find the Balance necessary to enjoy the journey…to enjoy Life.
When I think about my Balance in Life the first thing that comes to mind are the people in it. It really is about the relationships and friendships that I have been blessed to develop over the years and the memories that have been created with those people.  During my journey I have had the honor of building and cultivating relationships that I truly know will last a lifetime.  The best thing about this process is that is it genuine, it is authentic….it is Real!  Balance is the relationships and friendships we cultivate along the journey to a greater Life!
The second thing I think about when it comes to Balance are the experiences, the moments. Think a few years back to when the View-Master was a popular toy.  For those who don’t remember, it was red camera like toy that you would put the circle of photos in and when you pulled the handle on the side it would cycle through the photos.   This is the perfect analogy of this process.  You see we don’t remember everything that happens along our journey.  It is almost impossible to remember ever aspect of our day, our week, our year but when you look back from where you are today compared to where you came from it is like looking into your own personal View-Master at images of your experiences and moments that remind you of your Balance.  The key tip here is to make sure your View-Master has the best circle slide show you can have.
One of my favorite reminders of Balance is when I meet someone and they share with me that they are experiencing a first.  Their first breakthrough, their first real big goal achieved, their first cruise or even their first home or vehicle purchase.  Whatever they may be, Life is about a succession of moments.
Finally, Balance is about the evolution of Life.  as individuals we are built to be achievers.  We have to evolve, we have to be growing.  You know the saying, “If you are not growing, you are dying.”  Balance is about the transformations that happen along the journey.  We are all built to evolve, to transform; it is just in our nature to get better as individuals.  That is a part of the Life process but unfortunately a lot of people somewhere along their journey get stuck.  They forget to focus on their Balance, they forget that they need to evolve, to transform and they need to grow.  Unfortunately this where you will begin to get bored and depressed.
Part of our goal is to help you get unstuck and help put you on a path of transformation, a path of evolution and to help you achieve Balance!