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10 Reasons to Lose 10 Pounds

By entering Project 10 you not only have the opportunity to win $1,000 every week and receive an ‘i LOST it’ t-shirt, but most importantly you have the opportunity to better your life and overall health. Here are 10 reasons to lose 10 pounds on the Body by Vi Challenge.

  1. 1. BETTER SLEEP – Losing 10 lbs. can widen your windpipe so you won’t snore like a lawnmower
  2. 2. BETTER SEX – Losing weight can spice up your sex life big time! Erectile Dysfunction is literally a downer—and it’s a problem for 80% of overweight/obese men. YES, 80%!
  3. 3. MORE SELF CONFIDENCE – Just wait ‘til you see what happens when you start loving what’s in the mirror
  4. 4. MORE ENERGY – When your body is healthy, it radiates energy. Imagine how happy your kids would be to play with you longer!
  5. 5. BETTER MOOD – When you’re happier with yourself, you’re happier with life. And wouldn’t that make your Significant Other happy!?
  6. 6. HEALTH – Losing weight reduces your risk of life-threatening illnesses such as diabetes
  7. 7. AGILITY – You’ll improve your mobility when you drop weight, putting less pressure on your joints and making it easier to exercise. I know you want less pain every day!
  8. 8. BRAIN – Tests have shown that overweight people score lower on memory tests. Don’t you want to remember stuff?
  9. 9. PREGNANCY – Excess weight can alter hormones making it difficult for women to get pregnant
  10. 10. MONEY – Research has shown that people who weigh more earn up to $10,000 less per year than their co-workers. Super unfair – If you’re earning $10K less, let it be because you’re not that great at your job!

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Setting Goals and Achieving Them! Part 1

Let’s start with the foundation of why setting goals is so important in life…
If you think of it from the standpoint of getting into your car and but having nowhere to go. If you didn’t have a job to go to, school to attend or someplace to go, you would just sit there in neutral. There is no forward progress, there is no backward progress, and you would just sit still. The key is to not over complicate it though; your goals are really like a road map, they give you direction or a destination. This allows us to chart out a path to get to that destination. This “road map”, much like in traveling, gives us direction in life and keeps us focused. Without it we run the risk of being totally lost.
I recall hearing about a trainer who did an exercise with two sheet of paper. The trainer said, “Write your goal down on the first sheet of paper.” After writing down their goals, the participants were instructed to crumble it up and throw it. The participants asked, “Where?” The trainer again simply said, “Throw it.” As you can imagine paper was thrown all over the place. Then the trainer asked them to again write their goals on the second sheet and crumble it up. He then walked to the center of the room and placed a trashcan on the floor and said, “Now, put it in that trash can.” People began to get up and really focus on throwing their paper into the trashcan. He even offered a prize for those who made it so some even walked their paper over to the trashcan and dropped it in. The difference between the first and second paper is that with the second paper they had something to focus on, the trashcan. The trashcan, in this example, represents what goal setting is.
You have, hopefully, heard of S.M.A.R.T. goals. If not, you should for sure study up on them and the importance of this acronym. I will give you the basics here:
S – (Specific) You have to be specific about your goal. It needs be definable. Nothing is dynamic until it becomes specific. It is important to understand the difference between a “dream” and a “goal” here. For example, to say, “I wan to make a lot of money” is a great dream but not a goal. To say, “I want to make $500,000 this year” is a specific goal.
M – (Measurable) You have to have a way to keep score. Imagine a sporting event with no scoreboard? How would you know who is winning the game? The same applies to your goal, if you can’t measure it how will ever know if you have reached it or not?
A – (Attainable) You have to base this one on your own resources and level of commitment. If it requires 35 – 40 hours a week and you are only willing or able to commit 10 – 15 hours, it is not attainable for you.
R – (Realistic) This is the one you have to be careful with. If people set goals that were always “realistic” imagine the lack of advancements we would have in technology and everyday life. You also have to make sure your goals are realistic from the standpoint of the laws of the universe and physics. For example, if it was April and you wanted to move into a million dollar mansion (that you are going to fully customize) in June and you have not even bought the land yet, it is obviously not be physically realistic.
T – (Time) It must be time certain. Without a timestamp it is a dream, not a goal.
Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon….


Exercise is one of the best tools to help combat depression. Leading an active, physical lifestyle will help you to alleviate stress and increase your endorphin levels. The next time you feel sad, instead of wallowing in your depression, or engaging in negative activities like drinking alcohol or overeating, try going for a nice long walk or bike ride, and you will be amazed at how much better you feel.


Health…Your Body!!!

The Core principle of the Health mission is your Body!
The 3 keys necessary for optimal Health:
1. Daily Healthy Diet
2. Daily Exercise
3. Daily Supplementation
I recall throughout my journey how many times health became very serious to me and something I had to think about daily.  The most important of which was when I started to think about the fact that I was a father but equally important that I would hopefully one day also be a grandfather.  I remember praying that my children and grandchildren be healthy and learn from my mistakes so they may not experience the challenges presented to me because of my uneducated choices.  I then began to get excited because I realized while I had made some poor choices in life, they also forced me to learn about what it truly means to be healthy, what an amazing difference proper nutrition, exercise and supplementation make in your life.  I was now able to pass this knowledge onto my children and one day be able to also pass it onto my grandchildren so that they may have a chance to live happy healthy lives from day 1.
The fundamental of every life on this planet should be health.  It is vital to understand that the core of your being, your experiences and every ounce of fulfillment you have is generated and derived from health.    I think of the many people in our society who are overweight, obese and disease stricken because of their upbringing and  poor nutritional eating habits and how this causes them and their families to have to experience some of the most difficult health challenges. I am sure there are many people that read this, maybe even you, have family members who have or do suffer from horrible health situations.  I believe health is something we need to win back in our society!  Health is something we have somehow lost and so desperately need to refocus on and as mentioned before, is the core principle of the Health mission.
I am excited that as an entrepreneur the work that I do, along with my team, will insure that my children and their children will grow with the best nutrition they can and they will learn the values of health.  I am also excited that what we do creates a greater health in our society with each person and family we can share our message with.   Think about what is does for a family, for your family even, when a conscious decision is made to keep health a priority.  How many years will they win back? How many life experiences will they now be able to have?  Imagine how incredible that decision is for the whole family!
Our teams’ goal to impact millions of lives moves forward daily.  We want to make a significant impact on this planet’s health, to help people prevent the type of poor health decisions that are constantly made because they have been wrongfully educated to such.  What better deed can one do than make a positive impact on one’s health?  I personally believe it is the best thing that we can do as a service to humanity, to help shift the consciousness of health in our society so that people can live a more fulfilled life and experience true prosperity.  Health is a fundamental right of all human beings, one that everyone should be educated about.  The Health mission has been designed to make an impact to that core of humanity and I celebrate the fact that my team is part of that impact.
America does not need a better Health Care System…we need a better Health Education System!
We need people to learn that they don’t need 10 prescriptions or that they don’t need to suffer in their later years.  We need people to learn early on in life or that they can transform their life immediately if they make that decision to move to a greater state of health!
That is the goal, the core of our mission and the foundation of Health!