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Mastering Relationships Part 1

In one of my past articles 10 Things you should Know and Do before you are 40 I briefly touched on the importance of Creating Solid Relationships.  I would not like to take that a step further and focus on Mastering Relationships.  This will be Key Tips in bullet point fashion to help you start to Master Relationships.  Take a moment and reflect on the meaning of each point and how it applies to you.  Measure your success with relationships and allow the Key Tips to help you grow where necessary.

  • How can I give more value to the relationships in my life?
  • The quality of life is based on the balance of relationships.
  • All relationships start with “me”. I must love “me” before other can.
  • How do I value my relationships with others?
  • I decide how people treat me.  Do they walk all over me or treat me with respect?
  • I must love myself for who I am and visualize myself in my perfect state.
  • Treat yourself in a perfect way and others will too.
  • Take yourself seriously  and others will too.
  • Keep in mind that often what you don’t like in someone else may also be what you don’t like in yourself.
  • Vibrate on a higher plane.  To notice someone’s negatives, you have to be vibrating negatively yourself.
  • Strive to find something good in everyone.
  • Hold onto your beliefs as to inspire and empower others to do the same.
  • Remember that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have been given in life.
  • Show others how to be in a good relationship with you by being the example you would like them to be.
  • You can attract the people you need to help you achieve your dreams by being the person you want to be.
  • Connect with others on a personal level and then bring them up with your excitement.  also, allow them the bring you up with their’s when necessary.
  • See yourself more exciting, you will become more exciting and attract others
  • Be sure that what you communicate is being carried out by your actions.
  • Communicate to the RIGHT people.


This is a short but powerful checklist to help Master Relationships.  Stay tuned for Part 2 as we will build upon this initial checklist to help you Master your relationship with others.


Prosperity…Your Business

Prosperity…your Business!
Prosperity, to me, can be broken down to two things…
First, living the life of your dreams.  Putting yourself in the position financially to do what you want, when you want. It is having financial freedom and, equally important, time freedom.  Secondly, prosperity is not just about living the life of your dreams but being a person of contribution.
When you start to think of what  prosperity and your business can do for you, sometimes you have to look back before you look ahead.  I know when I look back on the journey I have been through and the opportunities to live my dreams I never forget where I started.  I also know there are others out there, maybe even you, who want to have those same life experiences and just need to be placed on the right path to achieve those goals.  True Prosperity allows you to have whatever it is you want to have, you can go wherever it is you want to go, you can do whatever it is you want to do and you can help whoever it is you want to help.  You have to grab ahold of the opportunity though and do something about it!
One of the most exciting things to me is when I can work with, train and coach people who recognize this and take action! They grad ahold of the Prosperity principle and do something about it.  People who are able to create financial and time freedom for themselves through helping people get healthy and transform their lives forever and live their lives of their dreams.  I think of the many parents I have met who were working 2, 3 4 jobs between them to make ends meet who were able to eliminate their extra jobs and begin to enjoy life again.  I think of the people who were thousands of dollars in debt and were, in a short time, able to pay off their debts and not feel like they were drowning any longer.  I think of the single mom who all she wanted to do was make an extra $1,000 a month so she could stay home with her children.  The all made a commitment to the mission of Prosperity and now live the life that they only once dreamed of.  These are true stories of Prosperity!  The best thing is, you have to same opportunities.  You simply have to grab what is right in from of you and get your time back so you can do what you want with who you want, go on the vacations of your dreams and bring your friends along.
…and then I want you to Give Back!
Contribute your time, your energy and your effort, give back your money and make a contribution to someone less fortunate.  During the economic times we live in it sometimes difficult to live like that.  Many times you may even find yourself saying, “I need someone to contribute to me!”  I challenge you though that the greater contribution you can give, even at your darkest days or your lowest points in life the more you receive in return.  I know it is difficult, I see what is happening in the world today.  I receive emails and phone calls from people I have met through the years who are struggling and looking for that encouragement to just make it through the day.  I still say, Give More…give more of yourself now than ever.  I know some will say that is hard to accept but the bottom line is, that is what has to happen.  Somewhere there is someone suffering more than you are and they need you to reach don and pull them up!  the fastest way out of your situation is to reach down and grab a few people to take up with you.  You have to wake up each morning and not think about you and the challenges you are facing and accept a new mission which is taking on the challenges of others.  If you are able to take on the challenges of other, YOU will not have any challenges!  
With true Prosperity you are able to do that. You first must make a decision to make an impact on other peoples lives.
Your decision will forever make an impact on yours!