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Lose Weight in 10 Minutes

Did you know that most people would lose weight if they would cut out their worst 10 minutes of eating each day?  Is it true?  Can you really lose weight in 10 minutes?


It only takes 10 minutes to eat 500 calories or more of refined carbs.


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You can eat perfect all day and then hit a low point where you just feel like eating a comfort food and wham! Your diet is blown.


Do you have a worst 10 minutes of the day for eating?
Do you gobble down a burger and fries in the car?
Is cereal before bed your downfall?
Do you head for the junk food drawer as soon as you come home?


Just having this ah-ha moment could be enough for some of you to break the habit and this one shift alone could help you drop 4 to 5 pounds by next month without changing anything else.


For others you might need to give your body some assistance to curb those cravings.  A meal replacement will help do that along with other benefits like more energy.  Get in touch with your [imwb_cgt_cityName], [imwb_cgt_regionName] team member for more information and to get started.


E-Book Giveaway

It is more important than ever to create your own economy. Entrepreneurship allows you to start a business in an area you love, work at your own pace and build a future for yourself and your family.   Network Marketing is a great option to get started with. Typically the upfront cost is more manageable, you can work part time from home and with the right training you can create an unlimited income. This e-book giveaway helps you understand the foundation of the network marketing industry, the different types of compensation plans and some pitfalls to avoid.  Download your copy today.

Setting Goals and Achieving Them! Part 1

Let’s start with the foundation of why setting goals is so important in life…
If you think of it from the standpoint of getting into your car and but having nowhere to go. If you didn’t have a job to go to, school to attend or someplace to go, you would just sit there in neutral. There is no forward progress, there is no backward progress, and you would just sit still. The key is to not over complicate it though; your goals are really like a road map, they give you direction or a destination. This allows us to chart out a path to get to that destination. This “road map”, much like in traveling, gives us direction in life and keeps us focused. Without it we run the risk of being totally lost.
I recall hearing about a trainer who did an exercise with two sheet of paper. The trainer said, “Write your goal down on the first sheet of paper.” After writing down their goals, the participants were instructed to crumble it up and throw it. The participants asked, “Where?” The trainer again simply said, “Throw it.” As you can imagine paper was thrown all over the place. Then the trainer asked them to again write their goals on the second sheet and crumble it up. He then walked to the center of the room and placed a trashcan on the floor and said, “Now, put it in that trash can.” People began to get up and really focus on throwing their paper into the trashcan. He even offered a prize for those who made it so some even walked their paper over to the trashcan and dropped it in. The difference between the first and second paper is that with the second paper they had something to focus on, the trashcan. The trashcan, in this example, represents what goal setting is.
You have, hopefully, heard of S.M.A.R.T. goals. If not, you should for sure study up on them and the importance of this acronym. I will give you the basics here:
S – (Specific) You have to be specific about your goal. It needs be definable. Nothing is dynamic until it becomes specific. It is important to understand the difference between a “dream” and a “goal” here. For example, to say, “I wan to make a lot of money” is a great dream but not a goal. To say, “I want to make $500,000 this year” is a specific goal.
M – (Measurable) You have to have a way to keep score. Imagine a sporting event with no scoreboard? How would you know who is winning the game? The same applies to your goal, if you can’t measure it how will ever know if you have reached it or not?
A – (Attainable) You have to base this one on your own resources and level of commitment. If it requires 35 – 40 hours a week and you are only willing or able to commit 10 – 15 hours, it is not attainable for you.
R – (Realistic) This is the one you have to be careful with. If people set goals that were always “realistic” imagine the lack of advancements we would have in technology and everyday life. You also have to make sure your goals are realistic from the standpoint of the laws of the universe and physics. For example, if it was April and you wanted to move into a million dollar mansion (that you are going to fully customize) in June and you have not even bought the land yet, it is obviously not be physically realistic.
T – (Time) It must be time certain. Without a timestamp it is a dream, not a goal.
Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon….

Jacksonville Grooming The Next Generation For Success™

ATTENTION: Parents, Teachers, Coaches, Pastors, Youth Influencers… Anyone Involved with Kids

Don’t be one of the 98% of parents that lets their children become unproductive, dishonorable or even worse. NOW is the time to groom them for success in school, life, and beyond!


Study Program

Hosted By David Hanscom

Grooming the Next Generation for Success

Providing the blueprint for raising children, even in the toughest times and circumstances


In the Grooming the Next Generation for Success™ Training Series by Dani Johnson, You Will Discover the Solutions to Difficult Questions Such As…

  • How do I handle my screaming infant/toddler when I can’t even understand what it is that they want?
  • My 9 year old is an angel at school but is often rude to his father and me at home. How do we break this before he becomes an out of control teen?
  • I have trouble knowing whether my young teenager is telling the truth. How can I get them to want to “be real” with me?
  • Is there a way to help my soon to graduate daughter become more responsible with money?
  • Can I mend a relationship with my adult child?

Best selling author, internationally recognized business trainer, success coach, and mother of 5, Dani Johnson has put together a complete program to help you groom your children for success…


Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of your infant, toddler, pre-schooler, school age, pre-teen, teenager, young adult and even adult children who have gone on to live their own lives?


“I was so moved by what Dani shared and more importantly, I was able to use what I heard immediately with my 12 year old!”
~ Tina Hatch
“I am a 68 year old grandmother of nine ages 6 to 18. I wish I could have this information as I raised our two daughters and I wish they could have had it before they started their families. Hopefully I can make good use of what I learned by helping our family. God Bless You for what you are attempting to do in educating people on the need to groom our young people.”
~ Marie Hakala


If You:

  • Want to identify and develop your children’s natural, God given abilities to motivate them to operate at their maximum potential?
  • Want to learn proven techniques that will protect your children from visible AND unforeseen outside influences?
  • Are a teacher and want to learn how to bring out the best in your kids and make your job easier with a lasting impact?
  • Do you work from home and want to learn proven tips and techniques for balancing your family and your work?
  • Need to learn how to prioritize your life to create quality time for your kids, your spouse, and even yourself?
  • Want to learn how to develop consistency in your children’s actions, obedience and every day living patterns?
  • Want to learn how to develop character in your kids that gives them inner strength to withstand the peer pressure and negative influences so they make the right decisions…. even when you are not around?
  • Need to repair damaged relationships with children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and students?

Then Keep Reading!

We all are doing our best to equip our children to succeed in life’s journey with the tools we’ve been given. Now there is finally a resource that shows you how to give your kids the best chance to get ahead in life…


All of us who have influence over today’s youth are faced with these realities…

  • In just the past 20 years the average workweek jumped from 41 hours to 48. Becky Sweat
  • By the 1990s parents were spending 40 percent less time with their children than their parents did in the 1960s and 1970s. Becky Sweat
  • The media and entertainment industry is exposing kids to sex, drugs, and violence at record levels.

Had enough? Here are some more startling statistics…

  • A Child will see over 40,000 murders on television by the time he or she turns 18.”
  • The average teen has had sexual relations by the age of 16.
  • The average American adolescent will view nearly 14,000 sexual references per year. Linda Klepacki, R.N., M.P.H.
  • Studies show that too much television viewing can have adverse affects, such as more violent and aggressive behavior, poor school performance, obesity, early sexual activity, and drug or alcohol use. Judith Graham, University of Maine

Despite our best efforts, the calm and stability that children crave is fractured by parents traveling, working late hours, and living with the constant demands of a crazy schedule.

Studies indicate that things will get much worse before they get better.


With all of this going on, it’s no wonder why parents are feeling overwhelmed with the challenge of raising their kids!

Here are some typical questions that parents want answers to…

  • How do I handle my screaming infant/toddler when I can’t even understand what it is that they want?
  • What can I do to stop my toddler from throwing and breaking things?
  • How can I get my pre-schooler to go to sleep at the appropriate time?
  • My four year old wants to negotiate everything. How do I get him to willfully obey?
  • My 9 year old is an angel at school but is often rude to his father and me at home. How do we break this before he becomes an out of control teen?
  • My daughter has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Some of our friends’ kids seem to be doing well with mood altering drugs but I’m not sure that’s the best option. Any suggestions?
  • I have trouble knowing whether my young teenager is telling the truth. How can I get them to want to “be real” with me?
  • How do I deal with my 14 year old son’s computer based obsession?
  • Is there a way to help my soon to graduate daughter become more responsible with money?
  • Can I mend a relationship with my adult child?

Here’s just some of what you will learn in this ground breaking Study Program with Dani Johnson…


#1 Dreams and Goals

  • Helping your kids establish specific goals and implement a plan to achieve them
  • How to help your kids discover their natural strengths, who they are and who they need to become to accomplish what they are dreaming of
  • How to keep your kids on track and making decisions toward their goals
  • How to prepare your kids for what is to come, preparing them for the future
  • Creating value in the small things so that your kids can be trusted with bigger things
  • Teaching your kids to live by design not by default

#2 Self Image

  • Teach your children how to talk about themselves so that they speak life and not self destruction
  • How to conduct yourself in front of kids so that they see an example of a good self image
  • Prevent your kids from becoming “all caught up” in a certain style of clothes and the obsession that comes with it
  • Discover ways to help children accept and be comfortable with their own body type
  • Show your child how to embrace their own uniqueness
  • Groom your kids up to not take offense when others criticize and pass judgment on them
  • Teach your children how to not feel that other people are “out to get them”
  • Prepare your kids to deal with rejection in a way that doesn’t damage their self image

#3 Work Ethic

  • Why teaching your kids to work at a young age will create a spirit of excellence in everything they do
  • Teaching your kids how to create a successful future for themselves
  • How to avoid the poverty mindset early on so that financial success will not be a stumbling block for your children
  • Why work first, play later is a great rule to live by
  • Learn how to create realistic guidelines that will help your kids grow up with confidence, knowing who they are and what they want to do with their lives
  • How to set your children up for a successful career

#4 People Skills

  • Learn what two foundational principles will change your kid’s outlook on life forever
  • How to prevent disrespect from creeping into your home while teaching your kids to show you respect
  • Learn key words that create an atmosphere of respect and honor in your household
  • How to teach your children to be free from the “fear of man” so they can be free to succeed
  • Teaching your kids how to “find the gold” in others so they can become successful leaders
  • Why treating others the way you want to be treated really is the golden rule
  • How to work side by side with your children’s teachers or coaches to help them draw out your child’s natural strengths

#5 Discipline and Accountability

  • How to instill a moral compass that will guide your kids through character development
  • How to draw out your kids natural strengths so that their confidence is not found in outside sources
  • How to keep your kids on track with their dreams and goals and keep them making decisions that will launch them into success
  • Why disciplining your kids at a young age will benefit them in the long run
  • Key elements to raising your children and protect them from making foolish decisions
  • Why disciplining the action and not the child will change the way your child responds to correction
  • Learn new techniques that will teach your kids how to respond to you the first time
  • Identify many different areas, you may not even realize, that require discipline and why this will re-shape your kids for their good

#6 Prevention

  • Learn the keys to advanced preparation and how they make a difference in your child’s behavior
  • How to prepare young children for going into public places on their best behavior
  • Discover ways to get kids to honor and respect other people’s houses and property
  • Set your kids up for success and good behavior at school
  • Learn the secrets to getting a “yes mom” instead of a “no” or “I don’t want to”
  • Have your kids mentally prepared for sports and other group activities

#7 Money

  • Teaching your kids responsibility at an early age so that with rising responsibility they will know how to handle their finances with greater stability
  • What being free from a poverty mindset will do for you and your children’s financial future
  • How to create a value and respect for money
  • How to equip your children to remain debt free no matter what your financial circumstances may be!
  • How to teach your children to be good stewards of the money they have
  • How to develop habits in your children now that will give them a financial head start and secure their financial future

#8 Nutrition

  • How to prepare your kid’s bodies for a healthy future. With 30% of children in America overweight, and 79% carrying over into adult obesity, nutrition is an increasingly important issue for the future of our children
  • Making wise choices with the kind of food you choose to provide for your kids
  • Using supplements to make up for the lack of nutrition that is contained in the food today
  • Learn how a healthy diet will change your children’s performance academically, physically, and mentally making success more easily attainable!

#9 Spiritual Equipping

  • How to have an exciting, abundant lifestyle with solid morals and strong convictions
  • How to expose your kids to a lifestyle of humility so they can be successful in life
  • Learn different methods the media uses to program kids to think and act the way they want them to and how to prevent this programming from taking place
  • Find out the many different influences that could be shaping you and your children’s future without you even knowing it
  • How to groom your children in their God given giftings and watch them operate at their full potential
  • How to develop character in your children that will sustain them trough life’s trials



    1. You see the BIG picture of this program,
    2. And you are sick and tired of things staying the same year after year
    3. Or your relationships with your kids going round and round in circles

– then don’t wait another minute.



Call To Freedom International, LLC dba is a Christian based, personal development and business coaching company. Please be aware that Dani will be drawing on her personal experience and insight as well as referencing Biblical scriptures. Dani’s teaching will be scripturally based. Most find, whether they are a Christian or not, that Dani’s training provides solutions and insights for anyone and everyone. Dani’s teaching does not exclude you if you do not share the same beliefs, however if you are uncomfortable with these training methods then this program is not for you.
All information provided by Results will vary and no guarantees otherwise are made by Dani Johnson, David Hanscom and/or anyone else associated with and

Jacksonville War on Debt™

Is There A Way To Break Free From Modern Day Slavery?
YES There Is! Introducing Dani Johnson’s

War on Debt™

Study Program

Hosted by David Hanscom

War on Debt


In this proven Program you will discover:

  • How to pay off your debt WITHOUT making any more money than you do right now
  • How to use the simple debt elimination chart to keep track of your personal War on Debt™
  • Step by step instructions to bring your accounts down to zero
  • A proven debt annihilation formula that has already helped thousands of people pay off
    millions of dollars in debt
  • The difference between wise and foolish spending
  • How to uncover excess spending and use that money to quickly pay down your high
    interest accounts
  • The reasons why it is so important to get out of debt now before the current economic
    conditions do you in

Dani Johnson’s War on Debt™ Study Program will give you all the tools you need to
experience the total freedom of being completely debt free!

“Since coming to Dani, I’ve been able to pay off $38,000 in debt and trimmed about $300 off of my monthly budget! It’s unreal what she’s done for me! Also, my business is growing, which is a plus! Thank you, Dani!”
~ Alan Holcomb
“Prior to attending one of Dani Johnson’s seminars, I was spending money in ways that were financially detrimental to my family. Since then, I learned that I should pass our finances over to my husband who is much more capable of handling them. Our marriage is better for it now and we are paying off debt!”
~ Jennifer Cherry
“My wife and I came to Dani Johnson and found a whopping $5,000/month in ‘fatty fat’ excess spending in our budget! We took this and applied it to debt and were able to pay off $80,000 of debt in 18 months. Beyond that, I was burnt out in my business and because of Dani Johnson, I got re-energized in my business and am now well on my way to earning a 7 figure income!”
~ Rick Hinnant
“I originally came to First Steps to Success because I was searching for something. My husband and I experienced rejuvenation in our marriage and got one plan together. We found $800/month in excess spending in our budget and in 2 months we paid off $5,500 in debt! We’re now on track to getting out of debt!”
~ Maria Cristina Tollens
“Because of conviction about getting out of debt we… have paid $75,000 in the last 8 months! Thank you for that challenge!”
~Leta Russell

Welcome to Modern Day Slavery…
You’ve Been Conned!


Think You’re Not A Slave?
That’s Exactly What They Want!

Let me share a secret with you…
There’s a sneaky and largely unnoticed form of slavery that still prevails in this country today. It is so undercover that most people never realize that these chains are holding them down.
In Fact… it’s much more sinister because people actually like it, embrace it and willingly increase it, year after year, until it owns their soul.
Chances are you have been working for a master whose modern day bondage is deceptive, accepted and even encouraged by our own government and the media that captivates your attention every day!
Right now you are being pushed around and bullied by these people who want to make you think you have it all while they set you up for a financial meltdown… and you ask them to do it!

Make no mistake, if you are in DEBT, you are a Modern Day SLAVE!!

Can this be true?

“Debt is so ingrained into our culture that most Americans can’t even envision a car without a payment … a house without a mortgage … a student without a loan … and credit without a card. We’ve been sold debt with such repetition and with such fervor that most folks can’t conceive of what it would be like to have NO payments.” 
~ Dave Ramsey


Just let this sink in for a minute…
Imagine being alive in early Rome where, if you couldn’t repay your debt, you would literally become a slave to your creditor. He could sell you or even kill you! That won’t happen today but creditors can still make your life miserable!
What does this have to do with me you ask?
I have a good job, a house, a couple of nice cars, a wonderful marriage and great kids. We take 2 vacations a year, go to movies, sporting events, play video games and have lots of friends.

If you are financing ANY of this
you have been duped!

Consider yourself a poster child for the masters of modern day slavery


“A debt is a bet, an implicit wager that you’ll have money later to pay for all the crap you’re buying now that you can’t afford.” 
~ Carolyn Bigda and Megan Johnston


Some of you are just now realizing that the sneaky form of slavery is a big part of your lifestyle. The rest of you are in bondage that is not so subtle, especially if you…

  • Have a bit of discretionary income, but you can’t seem to get ahead because of your credit card debt.
  • Assuming the month brings no unexpected expenses, you are just able to make your monthly payments.
  • Have almost no discretionary income and are living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Fear that any mishap will do you in.
  • Need to start saving for your retirement or your kids’ college but just don’t seem to have the time or the discipline to do so.
  • Do not make enough to pay all of your minimum payments each month.
  • Want to protect your credit rating at all costs.
  • Are starting to feel as though bankruptcy may be your only option.

“Living in debt is nerve-wracking, insomnia-producing, and family-wrecking. Just don’t do it. There is nothing you can buy that feels as good as being in debt feels bad.”
~ Ben Stein


Here’s the scary part…

  • America is the richest country in the world, yet, ironically, we have the highest percentage of people living paycheck to paycheck. A recent study from ACNielsen revealed that about one in every four Americans say they don’t have any spare cash. Kiplinger
  • Approximately 35 million Americans pay only the required minimum “as low as 2 percent” of their balance each month. Frontline. Aired on PBS
  • Roughly 2 to 2.5 million Americans seek the help of a credit counselor each year, mostly to avoid bankruptcy. Georgetown University
  • The size of the total consumer debt grew nearly five times in size from 1980 ($355 billion) to 2001 ($1.7 trillion). Consumer debt in 2007 now stands at $2.5 trillion. Federal Reserve Statistics
  • The average household in 2007 carried nearly $8,500 in credit card debt. Federal Reserve Statistics
  • Britain’s personal debt is increasing by ~ £1 million every 5

Dani knows first hand what it feels like to be enslaved by debt. A bad marriage left her over $35,000 in debt, destitute broke and living out of her car. She used these same War On Debt™ strategies to pay off her debt, start a business from the trunk of her car and become a millionaire in just 2 years!
Since then Dani has equipped thousands of her clients to use her simple War on Debt™ method to pay off millions of dollars in consumer debt and become truly financially free!


How is War On Debt™ different than all those other debt programs?

This program is NOT:

  • A loan consolidation plan
  • Credit counseling
  • Debt negotiation and settlement
  • A gimmick to pay someone else to pay down your debt
  • A “find a loophole in the law” scheme
  • Another perverted “prosperity” message

In this proven debt elimination program you will discover:

  • How to pay off your debt WITHOUT making any more money than you do right now
  • How to use the simple debt elimination chart to keep track of your personal War on Debt™
  • Step by step instructions to bring your accounts down to zero
  • A proven debt annihilation formula that has already helped thousands of people pay off millions of dollars in debt
  • The difference between wise and foolish spending
  • How to uncover excess spending and use that money to quickly pay down your high interest accounts
  • The reasons why it is so important to get out of debt now before the current economic conditions do you in

Dani Johnson’s War on Debt™ Home Study Program will give you all the tools you need to experience the total freedom of being completely debt free!
This is your chance to join the thousands taught by Dani Johnson who are WINNING the War On Debt™. There really is a legitimate way for you to become free from the shackles of debt for good without even increasing your income!



This really is your best shot at being a part of a special army of people that are conquering Debt and becoming financially independent!

Can you imagine…

  • Your life without debt
  • Not having to live paycheck to paycheck
  • Having your child tell you they want to go to Stanford or Harvard knowing that you have the means to pay for it
  • Not feeling the heavy burden of debt ever again
  • Experiencing the paradigm shift in your finances, career and family that comes with not owing anyone anything!


“Paying for yesterday is perhaps the most important investment you can make in your future. Getting rid of those debts will buy you breathing room. It will buy a future of freedom. And it will bring your dreams “the things you really, really want” into reach.”
~ Elizabeth Warren & Amelia Warren Tyagi

All information provided by Results will vary and no guarantees otherwise are made by Dani Johnson, David Hanscom and/or anyone else associated with and

Mastering Relationships Part 1

In one of my past articles 10 Things you should Know and Do before you are 40 I briefly touched on the importance of Creating Solid Relationships.  I would not like to take that a step further and focus on Mastering Relationships.  This will be Key Tips in bullet point fashion to help you start to Master Relationships.  Take a moment and reflect on the meaning of each point and how it applies to you.  Measure your success with relationships and allow the Key Tips to help you grow where necessary.

  • How can I give more value to the relationships in my life?
  • The quality of life is based on the balance of relationships.
  • All relationships start with “me”. I must love “me” before other can.
  • How do I value my relationships with others?
  • I decide how people treat me.  Do they walk all over me or treat me with respect?
  • I must love myself for who I am and visualize myself in my perfect state.
  • Treat yourself in a perfect way and others will too.
  • Take yourself seriously  and others will too.
  • Keep in mind that often what you don’t like in someone else may also be what you don’t like in yourself.
  • Vibrate on a higher plane.  To notice someone’s negatives, you have to be vibrating negatively yourself.
  • Strive to find something good in everyone.
  • Hold onto your beliefs as to inspire and empower others to do the same.
  • Remember that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have been given in life.
  • Show others how to be in a good relationship with you by being the example you would like them to be.
  • You can attract the people you need to help you achieve your dreams by being the person you want to be.
  • Connect with others on a personal level and then bring them up with your excitement.  also, allow them the bring you up with their’s when necessary.
  • See yourself more exciting, you will become more exciting and attract others
  • Be sure that what you communicate is being carried out by your actions.
  • Communicate to the RIGHT people.


This is a short but powerful checklist to help Master Relationships.  Stay tuned for Part 2 as we will build upon this initial checklist to help you Master your relationship with others.


The 5 Steps to More Efficient Learning

The 5 Steps to More Efficient Learning
1. Repetition – read/watch the material until you gain:
2. Familiarity – when you become familiar with the subject matter, you will gain:
3. Confidence – once you’ve achieved confidence, you are prepared to take the appropriate:
4. Action – and action, my friends, yields:
5. Results -measure your results so that you may improve them, and then repeat the process!
growth, learning
When we learn more, we can DO more, accomplish more.  Apply these simple steps and watch your business soar to new heights.


Exercise is one of the best tools to help combat depression. Leading an active, physical lifestyle will help you to alleviate stress and increase your endorphin levels. The next time you feel sad, instead of wallowing in your depression, or engaging in negative activities like drinking alcohol or overeating, try going for a nice long walk or bike ride, and you will be amazed at how much better you feel.


About David Hanscom

A little about David Hanscom, he has been blessed to be a successful entrepreneur and part of the Entertainment Industry since 1990 and involved in independent business marketing & consulting since 1996.
He says…
I believe in the simple truth, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want” ~ Zig Ziglar.
I enjoy connecting with like-minded individuals from [imwb_cgt_cityName], [imwb_cgt_regionName] and across the country to share my experiences over the years – both good and bad – in the Entertainment Industry, Independent Business Marketing and most importantly, why I never gave up.

What are the keys to success in any business?
Take a moment to look at all of the successful people you know in [imwb_cgt_cityName], [imwb_cgt_regionName]. Regardless of their industry or background, they all share at least 3 common traits. First and foremost, they have a goal, a precise goal, and a vision. Next, they have a plan. They seek out the proper training in their respective fields and someone who can be a mentor to them. Finally, they work their plan because they understand it is an investment in themselves and their futures.
Think about this…The first 40 hours of any workweek of one’s career is strictly for survival. Beyond that, any hours put in are an investment in your future. Some say, “You survive between 9 and 5 and get rich between 7 and 2.”
You know, I sure wish I would have read these same words before I made all the mistakes I have made and spent all that money I have wasted!
After almost going completely broke, it did not take me long to realize that I need to find a better way. If I was going to be successful without having to take out a second mortgage on my home to finance it, I needed proper training and mentoring to avoid future costly mistakes. I needed to align myself with and learn from others who have already achieved the success I sought.
I knew that achieving my goals was possible but I needed help putting together my plan! The problem was where would I find the people who will help me?
Then the words rang in my ear like a beautiful song, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

Finally, A breakthrough…
Things really started to move in the direction I needed to be moving in when I discovered the power of an experienced mentor, someone who has already achieved success in their life, someone who is willing to teach you how to properly create your plan and market your business on the path of success.
My first mentor gave me the SECRET. He taught me to brand MYSELF first and the reason for and value of doing so. Then he taught me about Marketing; marketing on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the list goes on. At first I just figured those places were for kids to chat and share pictures and videos. Then one day I watched one of those videos and it completely opened up my eyes to the power of social networks. You really can find TARGETED leads who are excellent prospects for your business using these platforms. I mean, lets face it, if you’re reading this right now, isn’t this the exact same way our paths crossed? See what I mean? Branding really does work!
My next Mentor showed me how to become a leader and understand the importance of helping others. Not just helping others, but helping others with no ulterior motive and completely from the heart. What really blew me away was he never asked me for a penny to obtain this knowledge!
It is now my mission to do the same, help others who are stuck where I once was. I still continue my daily educational efforts, my plan and my work. I still learn everyday from my mentors and even often times from my personal and professional relationships. It is a simple formula: The more I learn, The more I teach, The more I give, The more I receive.
OK, so who am I anyway and why would you even want to listen to any of this?
Well, I have a wonderful family and we live in beautiful Jacksonville, Florida. My friends will tell you I am carefree, fun loving, rather goofy, and love to make others laugh. They will also tell you I am committed to integrity, an honest day’s work and the success of all that I am blessed to be a part of. I was born in Portsmouth, Virginia and spent most of my life moving around the country (my Father was in the Navy for 30 years). I finally settled in Jacksonville in 1998 and began my quest to Discover my Ultimate Body, Balance and Business. In 2011 I joined the team from Neworld Coaching to help others, maybe even you, do the same!
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Sometimes you just have to dare to risk public criticism!

I have made it my goal to help the Mobile DJ and Event Industry lose 1,000 pounds, including myself!
Several people have commented saying, “You don’t look like I need to lose weight”. Now, while I want to believe that most of the people who said that were only being nice, the fact of the matter is that I have worked hard for several years now trying to hide the truth about my weight.
Knowing that 40 is only a few years around the corner I have come to realize that if I don’t do something about my health and weight I will not be around to enjoy seeing my children get married or holding a grandchild in my arms. I won’t be able to live out the “golden years” I work so hard on now to have.
The first step is to overcome the fear of public criticism and admit I have a problem that needs to be fixed. I have decided to put together series of radical advertisements in hopes to accomplish 2 things:
1. To expose my weight issues to the world in a tactful and respectful way so that others will see that I truly do have some issues to work on. I do not in anyway want to offend anyone and will not say something about another person that I can’t say about myself.
2. To be a leader to others who may be in my very same position I am in and feel like they are alone.
The truth is you are not alone. 1 out of every 3 Mobile DJs is overweight or obese. The statistics are not too much better in the Event Industry as a whole. I hope that by taking the first step others will join me so that we can support and encourage one another to achieve our individual and collective goals together. Just by adding two or three people to your challenge will help you be accountable and increases your odds of success beyond belief.
I want to thank those who have already joined me and welcome any others that would like to be a part of the team. I can promise respect, love and support to every member of this team. Failure will not be an option and we will have a blast together!
Are you ready to join us?
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